Vocational Training Center


Why Vocational Training and Placement Support?

To ensure financial independence among the youth with disabilities, Vishesh Educational Trust provides  vocational training and placement support.

How does the Skill-Building center work?

Vishesh Skill-building center prepares skilled resources and provide them employment opportunity with the support of Equal Opportunity Employers. The training program comprises three components namely Basic Skill Building, Sector-Specific Training, and Pre Employment Module prepares trainees for employment opportunities in Retail, IT, Hospitality, Banking, E-Commerce, Health care, and manufacturing sectors. gg


Vishesh has setup with aim of providing an early intervention and care program for special needs children with disabilities and to those needing educational, social and behavioral counseling.

Vishesh at pathways acts as a full pledged support system, catering to the needs of children, who are slow learners and children diagnosed with learning disabilities such as ADHD / ADD / Dyslexia / Dyscalculia / Dysgraphia / Mentally Challenged Children / Autism / Down Syndrome / speech and language problems children, etc.

Whereas in class support helps them to deal with the curricular demands of the class, the remedial classes focus on reinforcing concepts, developing language skills, creating and writing, memory skills, mathematical skills, science skills and concepts and art and craft etc. children are regularly counseled motivated and encouraged to perform better.

We often have to use different strategies and techniques keeping in mind both the children strengths and weakness. The strategies re both child-centered and child-friendly