About Us


Pragati foundation is a non-commercial NGO working since 2016 with a motive of care, health and awareness in society. We will started our new social needs children center (with perform early intervention, assessment and learning). We are talking about people which has been own world from normal world (the Learning Disabled Children Special needs children). They are having their own life, own world where they enjoy moments in unique with motive of care and education development in society and help special children to attain maximum potential in life.


Vishesh has a specialized team so we can identify with (complete development assessment / basic MR / FACP / Occupational Assessment / Physio Therapy Assessment / ADHD Assessment / Learning Disability Assessment / Behavioral Assessment / Speech and Language Assessment / Hand Writing Assessment). The child’s disorder and try to give them best appropriate therapy as possible provide education and care at our institution.


Founder & Chairman

Anup Parikh, a social entrepreneur who came back to homeland after successful Engineering career in America, believes very firmly that he wants give something to his nation, not only by symbolic measures, but by strong and sustainable projects that can make the difference in lives of people at large. Engineering, Logistics and Management are his areas of Interest. He owns a transport business, promotes a leadership book 'For the People' and runs an Institute for mentally challenged children called 'Vishesh'.

He set up 'Vishesh' in Gandhinagar with the help of specialist team of experienced in special education. Started with two kids, Vishesh takes care of 30 specially abled children with individual attention. Anup Parikh holds a dream to turn this project into a new ray of hope for such children and their parents. His passion is amazing. He sets his goals and achieves them too. He dreams big and dares to chase them too. A 'must know' person who prefers to stay away from page 3 glare to stay focused.


Vishesh has setup with aim of providing an early intervention and care program for special needs children with disabilities and to those needing educational, social and behavioral counseling.

Vishesh at pathways acts as a full pledged support system, catering to the needs of children, who are slow learners and children diagnosed with learning disabilities such as ADHD / ADD / Dyslexia / Dyscalculia / Dysgraphia / Mentally Challenged Children / Autism / Down Syndrome / speech and language problems children, etc.

Whereas in class support helps them to deal with the curricular demands of the class, the remedial classes focus on reinforcing concepts, developing language skills, creating and writing, memory skills, mathematical skills, science skills and concepts and art and craft etc. children are regularly counseled motivated and encouraged to perform better.

We often have to use different strategies and techniques keeping in mind both the children strengths and weakness. The strategies re both child-centered and child-friendly 


Vishesh team look after the special needs of all types of children often helping in a wide variety of areas like academics, social, emotional and psychological growth counseling.

Parents and guardians play a key role in the emotional, social and academic development of student with learning difficulties. Every effort is made to work n close collaboration with them at every stage.

Vishesh family believes in developing a strong partnership with our team (special teacher) parents and special needs children to achieve their height potential. Our center aim for fully integrate each child into full school life and develop the child’s self esteem in the classroom and activities.


  • Early intervention: (0 to 6 years) with properly assessment tools and forms.
  • Education Training
  • Art And Craft
  • Yoga and Pranayam
  • Mega charity shows with children and parents organization
  • Dancing / singing as per ability
  • Play Therapy
  • Skill Development

 "It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give to teach child the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities".

                                                                       - Maria Montessori