Teaching & Learning


To run a successful special school curriculum that covers all aspects of the child’s areas of development in round development.The curriculum emphasizes the key areas of development in the child in the spheres of sense/motor, personality, language, cognitive and creative skills. Within each area, we have identified specific development objectives to be met for each child undergoing special education as part of our curriculum. The curriculum has been developed with inputs from special educators. The curriculum also gives a clear timetable in terms of what needs to be done throughout the child center plan.
  • CREATIVITY = music, role play construction visual art
  • SENSOMOTOR = daily life skills, fine motor, gross motor, sensory
  • LANGUAGE = expression, grammar, vocabulary, phonology
  • COGNITIVE = science, mathematics, environment
  • PERSONALITY = social skills, independence, problem solving, decision making

Assessment tool.. BASIC MR PART 1 Behavioral assessment skills with persons with disabilities.

  • Motor Skill (Fine Motor)
  • Daily Activity Skills
  • Reading and Writing
  • Language (Receptive,Expressive)
  • Money and Time Concept
  • Social Skills
  • Pre-vocational Skills

Assessment Process

  • Objective Assessment
  • Continuous Assessment
  • Continuous Observation
  • Mapped To Materials
  • Mapped To Learing Objectives


  • Parents Counseling
  • Art and Craft
  • Yoga and Pranayam
  • Pran Yoga and Heeling
  • Play Therapy = indoor games = outdoors games
  • Music Therapy (Dancing and Singing)
  • Skill Development Activities
  • Clay Magic
  • Project Day = environment and social studies
  • Ballon Day
  • Movie Day
  • Eco friendly Activities
  • Sand Therapy
  • Mega charity shows with children's and parents organisation
  • Sports Day
  • Annual day with supports parents and teacher
  • Special Disability Days